Euroracing 2008

Aim of the project: setting up the world record in the motor-marine sports in aqua bike class. This project is dedicated to the development of democratic processes in Ukraine.

Route of the marathon: the route wil lie along costs of Belgium, France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Croatia, Montenegro, Albania, Greece, Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania, finishing in Ukraine (Kyiv)

Time of carrying out: June-August, 2008

The project ERORACING 2008 foresees the undertaking of international expedition, which is going to become the significant contribution to the world achievements and gives an opportunity to represent Ukraine worthy at international level.

The record will be set by the master of sports of Ukraine, absolute champion of Ukraine in aqua bike class Yaroslav Hartsula.

Yaroslav Hartsula’s jet ski will start under the national flag of Ukraine. The leading idea of the marathon is informing the world the democratic spirit, which exist in Ukraine. Setting the new world record by the Ukrainian sportsman will be the next step in asserting the image of Ukraine all over the world. During the voyage press-conferences and meetings will be held in the biggest seaports along the coasts of which the marathon will pass.

The length of the marathon is approximately 20 thousand km. Its successful overcoming means beating of a world record, the longest distance with the aqua bike that was set by Australian seamen in 2000. Paul Fua, Randall Jones and Lynden Parmenter doubled with their jet ski the Australian continent in 106 days and thus overcame 16 478 km.

Yaroslav Hartsula will be accompanied by the team of the professionals. He will perform his voyage on the jet ski Yamaha GP 1200 R. This model didn’t loose any competition in its class.


Yaroslav Hartsula was born in the village of Vuykovychi, Mostyska region, Lviv oblast. In 1978 Yaroslav graduated from Lviv state physical training Institute, physical training and sport department. He was studying in the department of sport gymnastics under the rule of double olimpic champion Victor Chukarin. In 1982 graduated from Lviv state technical institute.


Yaroslav Hartsula started his labor activity in 1978 as an assistant in the department of physical training and sport in Lviv state Ivan Franko University, later he was a lector in the department of physical training in Lviv state medical University. He was also working in Lviv regional LKSMU committee in the department of sport and defense-mass work.


In 1999 Yaroslav Hartsula established Private Enterprise “Samira”, which deals with the sale of carpets and decors from leading world manufacturers.

In 2003 Yaroslav Hartsula founded Lviv department of the Federation of water-motor sport of Ukraine. In the same time he becomes the first and the only for the time being Ukrainian sportsman whose professionalism in class PRO Runabout 1200 is recognized on the international level. 

In 2003 on the water-motor sport championship of Ukraine which took place in Cherkasy, Yaroslav Hartsula took the first place in all rounds of the championship. He received Golden award and the honored title Master of Sports of Ukraine. He was the first in the history of Ukraine to be titled the Master of Sports in class aquabike. Now he has no equals in Ukraine, he takes part in all international championships that are held by International Jet Ski Boating Assosiation. He is the first and still the only Ukrainian sportsman who has the license to participate in international competitions.